Wednesday, 17 April 2013

GFTEAM BJJ Interclub July 2013

GFTEAM BJJ interclub July 2013

Gi and No Gi divisions

Date: Sunday, 28th of July 2013

Gi Belt divisions: White, Blue and Purple

No-Gi divisions: 0-1 years experience, 1-3 years and 3+

Weight Classes for Both (Gi and No-Gi): -65kg / -75kg / -85kg / -95kg / +95kg / Absolute lightweight -80kg / Absolute heavyweight +80kg (Weight in without gi)

Limit of 8 people in each category

Time for all of the fights: 5 min

Rules: under IBJJF

Repechage System

Registration ends 25th of July (Thursday)

Weight in for everyone: 9-10am on the 28th July 2013

Rules Meeting: 10am (all competitors must attend) 

Competition starts at 10am - Order of the fights: From the lower to higher belts, and lower to higher weights.

£10 for each and £20 (Both Gi and No Gi) /
£5 extra for the absolute (Cash Prize of All entry fees collected from your absolute division being awarded to the winner of the absolute )

£5 for spectators.

Organizers: GFTeam / Combat Company
Venue: Combat Company
Richmond Station Left
Kew Road

to register please email or

Event is supported by BATTLE GEAR - BJJ Kimonos and technical apparel